About Us

With over twenty years of experience in regulatory compliance as well as auditing throughout multiple industries, including Big Four clients, we have an established Accounting & Tax Services business. We have used networking and marketing to grow our business to assist in managing and supervising several small businesses to grow their firms’ accounting & business infrastructure and tax situation.

We also train businesses on their Accounting systems to help grow their overall company’s understanding of accounting and financial management. I also offer expertise in managing accounting teams, providing detailed analysis and feedback, and finding and eliminating financial redundancies.

We help businesses grow and transform them into something that serves their goals.

  • Tax Planning to Grow Your Net Worth
  • Accounting Services to Know Where the Firm Stands Today
  • Outsourced CFO & Controller Services to Optimize the Firm for Success
  • QuickBooks Consulting for Your Accounting Infrastructure
  • Payroll Services


We work with you on a personal level to determine the best solutions for your unique needs, then leverage our seasoned expertise to achieve the best possible results.


We are Profit Experts focused on helping Small and Mid-size Businesses. When working with our clients we look to do more than simply tell you where you are today but how you can optimize the business in line with your growth goals. We take a holistic approach by ensuring your accounting and tax planning opportunities are helping you extract the maximum amount of value from your business.


Rest assured that when a need arises, our firm is ready and capable to handle everything for you so you can focus on what matters most to you.